What you can do with Workeen AI

Get the right people, with the right skills, in the right jobs

Get the right people, with the right skills, in the right jobs

Staff management

Easily onboard employees and their job qualifications

Store details of each employee, including skills, valid certificates, and employment rules.

Knowing employee skills is important for effective scheduling and proper work assignment. It also helps keep employees happy since their abilities and expertise are respected and utilized. The system automatically checks the expiry dates of certifications and alerts schedulers if there is a need for renewal.


Have peace of mind when it comes to compliance

Compliance with labour laws and regulations ensures the balanced work life of a company.

Set up employment rules and choose the appropriate rule for each employee. The system will find the assignments that ensure compliance and will alert you about any conflicts. Avoid violations and penalties, and treat your staff fairly.

Availability management

Ensure that the labour needs of the business are always covered

It is crucial to know when employees are available to work and what are their preferences. Effective availability management helps you reduce conflicts and create a balanced work environment.

Record availability and preferences of employees, learn their time off/vacation habits and create the most flexible and smooth schedules. Effectively covering the staff needs, you improve company productivity and employee retention.


Determine the staffing needs and create rotations

The Rotation module allows schedulers to create shift patterns and repeatedly use them as a basis for the actual schedules. This approach helps managers get the scheduling up and running without wasting time creating all shifts from scratch.

So, if you have recurring shifts, use rotations. The system offers an easy-to-use and flexible environment to create rotations and assign rotation employees.


Create schedules quickly and easily

To create schedules, the managers can choose an approach working best for them and their companies.

The following two ways of scheduling are supported: manual and hybrid. Within the first method, managers create schedules from zero.  Whereas, the hybrid method allows them generate shifts from rotations and then manually modify or add shifts to adjust the schedule to the needs of the particular time period.


Save your valuable time. Achieve efficient staff planning in a flash

Rostering involves assigning employees to specific shifts. It can be done manually or by using auto-scheduling. Within the manual method, managers have to choose an employee for each shift. The system will evaluate each assignment and instantly react to any disruptions. Using the automated method, the system generates efficient employee rosters at the click of a button. The AI solver will find the most balanced workforce distribution possible in a given amount of time.


Easily distribute rosters to employees

When the rosters are ready, it is important to distribute them to employees so that they know when and where they are working. All involved employees will receive emails with their work programs.

In case of further adjustments, schedulers have the option to notify only those employees whose work plan has been changed.


Manage scheduling changes quickly and effectively

Changes are unpredictable and can arise anytime, and handling them can become a very stressful and time-consuming process.

Workeen helps you modify schedules quickly and effectively. You can always make the adjustments manually or choose the automatic method, where the solver finds an efficient solution with the minimum changes and disruptions to the rosters.

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