Pick the plan that works for you

Pick the plan that works for you

(up to 75 employees)
When to choose:
Want to cover basic staff scheduling needs
Have a small number of employees
Willing to dedicate more manual effort and patience
Achieving the best schedules isn’t your top priority
Quick reactions to scheduling changes are not crucial
Require minimal app support and can handle issues on your own
Workeen AI
$2 per employee / month (billed yearly)Save 33%
* Pay based on the number of employees you need to schedule
When to choose:
Saving time and enhancing scheduling quality is important to you
Want to ensure you always get the best schedule quickly
It’s essential to adapt easily and swiftly to scheduling changes
Want to use top-notch AI-powed tools
Need support and aim to resolve issues quickly and effectively
Want to have both managers and employees happy
Features Workeen Workeen AI
Employees limit up to 75 as per plan
Unlimited shifts
Unlimited locations
Support for multiple company divisions
Robust company organizational structure with data inheritance
Two spot types: In-house and client-site spots
Skill management for employees
Employment rules management
Employee availability and preferences
Templates for rotations and employee rotation
Manual employee scheduling
Real-time schedule scoring
Monitoring for skills expiration
Schedule publication
Updates on schedule changes
View of current day’s stats and schedule
Automated scheduling with AI
Auto rescheduling with AI
Employee pinning
Customer support knowledge-base access

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