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Mobile Application

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What you can do with Workeen AI

Stay on top of every shift

Stay on top of every shift

As an employee, you can effortlessly view when and where you work, manage your availability, and request time off with ease.

Stay on Top of Your Shifts

Plan ahead effortlessly by checking when your upcoming shift begins, ensuring you’re ready and punctual. With easy access to your shift start times, you can organize your day efficiently, avoid last-minute rushes, and ensure that you are always on time and ready for work.

Always Know When Your Current Shift Ends

Keep track of the end time of your current shift, allowing you to manage your tasks effectively and prepare for a smooth transition to the next shift. Receive timely notifications and reminders to help you wrap up your workday efficiently, ensuring that you complete all necessary tasks before your shift concludes.

Comprehensive Schedule

Gain comprehensive insight into your entire work schedule, including details on locations and team members, facilitating better coordination and planning. By having a clear overview of your work commitments, you can effectively plan your personal time, coordinate with colleagues, and ensure that you are always prepared for your shifts.

Instant Notifications

Stay up-to-date with instant notifications for any changes to your schedule, enabling you to adapt quickly to new assignments or adjustments. Be promptly informed whenever a new schedule is posted, ensuring you’re always aware of any updates to your work plans. This feature helps you stay flexible and responsive, reducing the chances of missing any important changes.

Availability and Preferences

Maintain alignment with your work requirements by monitoring and managing your availability and preferences, fostering a smoother scheduling process. By keeping your availability up-to-date and communicating your preferences clearly, you can ensure that your schedule aligns with your personal needs and commitments, leading to a more balanced and satisfying work-life experience.

Direct Communication with Your Manager

Simplify communication with your manager by submitting availability requests or changes directly through the app, enhancing efficiency and clarity in scheduling operations. This direct line of communication helps you resolve any scheduling conflicts quickly and ensures that your manager is always aware of your current availability, leading to better planning and fewer misunderstandings.

Download the Workeen AI app for iOS and Android

Download the Workeen AI app for iOS and Android

Make sure your phone is connected to the Internet.

Download the Mobile Application for free from the App Store or Google Play.